Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP

Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP


The Streamsoft Verto is dedicated for companies functioning in a very developmental sector of modern economy, such as e-commerce and retail. The system is also very popular among companies involved in project management.

The Streamsoft Verto ERP system was created by combining the best features of closed systems, including ready sets of functionalities and open systems, which can be freely expanded to meet the user’s expectations. Due to this, our system is willingly used by companies from dynamically developing industries, where the ability to adapt solutions to changing business conditions is very important.

Our system supports work in the multi-company structure, has a multilingual interface (including English version), manages many processes and projects in the company, assists the management of the customer base, products and helps to automate business processes in order to shorten the time of implementation and optimize costs. At the same time, apart from modern trade, it perfectly fits to the requirements of companies operating in the design production industry (Engineering To Order) or project management (PM).

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Benefits of using Streamsoft Verto ERP system


  • One modern ERP system for managing all the company’s resources
    For many decision-makers, coherent information about owned potential and the resources needed to implement it is important. The Streamsoft Verto system makes it possible to record and monitor the company’s resources along with the assessment of their effectiveness, as well as to register and process data from all business areas.
  • System development along with the company’s development
    We offer flexible system that can be expanded with the dynamic development of the company. Due to this, we keep up with changes in the decisions and expectations of users. Expanding the system’s capabilities can also be done by the customer himself, through his IT department.
  • Unification of communication standards
    Implementation of the Streamsoft Verto is an introduction of unified standards of communication and information exchange within the company. It also influences the improvement of communication with the recipients and suppliers of the company, which transates into better control of the execution of plans and declared deadlines.
  • Control and optimization of costs
    The Streamsoft Verto, thanks to the mechanisms of registration and monitoring of costs supports the managers aspirations to optimize costs of processes and operating costs of their teams. In addition, it reduces expenses related to the circulation and printing of documents and eliminates costs of human error by automating many repetitive tasks.
  • Time saving
    The system saves time associated with the input, processing, acquisition and analysis of data. Availability of data from one system makes it easier and faster to prepare reports and statements for the managers.
  • Improvement of customer service
    Due to many innovative solutions used in the Streamsoft Verto system, it is eagerly chosen by the e-commerce industry. It provides access to consistent and specific data in one place. The system introduces improvements which significantly better the customer service in case of companies conducting distributed, multi-channel sales.
  • Deadlines and projects control
    The Streamsoft Verto provides tight control of deadlines, resources and costs for companies managing multiple projects simultaneously.


IT managers, administrators and integrators appreciate Streamsoft Verto because:

  • It is built on the basis of the latest global technologies and development practices
  • It allows selection of the system implementation model (traditional or service)
  • It provides consistent extension with new elements (plugins), thanks to the Streamsoft Next programming platform
  • We give access to the developer level in the scope of system development (API, tools and work techniques used by the system creators)
  • We enable the selection of database on which the ERP system will be used (database: Oracle or the open source PostgreSQL)
  • We ensure the system’s openness to integration with other systems owned by the company
  • It has multi-layered architecture (data layer, business logic and presentation)
  • It is scalable from a few dozen/several dozen to several hundred/few thousand workplaces
  • It is ergonomic, which is expressed in the form of an intuitive and consistent user interface
  • It enables internationalization by means of a multilingual interface (English and Polish version as a standard)