Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP

Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP


Retail industry is characterized by a huge rate of change and considerable market competition. Achieving and maintaining leading position in this segment is a complex challenge, primarily related to providing wide range of products, completeness of the offer and high quality services.

We offer modern ERP solution dedicated to the retail industry, which allowed to improve activities of retail market leaders, increasing the efficiency and productivity of companies.

In the field of retail services, the Streamsoft Verto system guarantees, among others:

  • Product handling, pricing policy, offers

We offer high-performance base with a wide possibility of product marking, which in result include full content of the offer. Our solution allows to manage prices and define them. Many of the offered ERP systems have limited opportunity regarding number of prices. This barrier does not exist in the Streamsoft Verto. The system enables to set price convertors (e.g. “promotion”, “sale”) and so-called intelligent price management or management of header promotions. A functional addition is also the option of cross-entity and automated handling of happy-hours promotions.

  • Replenishment functionality

Replenishment with the Streamsoft Verto is not only intuitive, it also provides extended capabilities. Stocking up can be made both from the head office to the branches and from branch to branch.

  • Supply planning

Planning of MRP purchases (Material Requirements Planning) takes place through the so-called supply sessions. The system streamlines the process of ordering products from suppliers based on their own enumeration formulas, which are created on the basis of defined algorithms (it is possible to use such values as e.g. quantity up to the maximum, coverage of current demand or the amount of the last sale). In addition, the system may include bulk packages in its purchasing suggestions.

  • Contracting

Planning of purchases together with releasing given assortment quantities in specific time frames and settling contracts is another option of the system, which ensures full purchase contracting. In addition, there is possibility of sales contracting, which is useful in some industries.

  • Ability to manage the offer and system of work

The Streamsoft Verto is a guarantee of wide capabilities for managing the presence and availability of a given product in the offer (including size handling).The system provides, among others full handling of returns and complaints as well as margin control. It also allows to efficiently manage loyalty programs, including discount cards and gift vouchers (both amount and percentage). Our solution also offers advanced functions in the field of cross-selling. Up-selling and related products are fully definable in the system. There is also possibility of virtual up-selling, based on beacons located in the commercial space. An important facilitation, especially for the FMCG segment, is the identification of the product using serial numbers available in the system and the control of expiry dates and sales in bulk packaging. The Streamsoft Verto is also an option for intuitive creation of shift schedules and employee abstention management.