Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP

Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP


The processes related to the retail industry are greatly influenced by the increasingly complex purchasing needs of the Z and Y generations, for whom shopping in a stationary store is not enough to stay longer with a given brand. Leaders of the retail industry, with whom we cooperate implementing the Streamsoft Verto ERP solution, unanimously underline that the flexible adaptation to multi-channel trends such as showrooming or webrooming and the use of the omnichannel strategy is decisive for the market position of the company.

Observing the above trends and understanding their meaning, we designed the proprietary POS Streamsoft Verto module, which is dedicated to omnichannel (ecommerce and retail). We have equipped it with the functions necessary in every stationary sales store and those that allow to unblock the online channel. It solves the problem of inconsistent sales data, which are often encountered by companies aspiring to be omnichannel.


The Streamsoft Verto POS offers, among others:

  • online order pickup and returns at stationary points
  • preview of stock levels in other stores and headquarters
  • partial execution of online orders and selection of goods from the shop (within one receipt)

Great simplification in the execution of transaction are also:

  • transparent view of product images
  • ability to work on many receipts at the same time
  • ability to generate receipts with bar codes and invoices

Another distinguishing feature of our solution is the expanded integration with devices dedicated to the retail industry, e.g.

  • operation via touch panel or barcode scanner
  • logging with password, RFID card, bar code
  • possibility of card, cash or mixed payments
  • handling of discounts and promotions
  • cooperation with payment terminal, fiscal printer, cash drawer