Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP

Streamsoft Verto

Better side of ERP


Modern companies within E-commerce and Retail need a well-organized and functional IT base. Our Streamsoft Verto ERP system supports key business processes, takes over handling of logistics, while allowing integration with other solutions for E-commerce and Omnichannel.

The specificity of the Streamsoft Verto system is the ability to adapt to very demanding and dynamic industries. It is precisely the possibilities offered by the E-commerce system that make it very popular among companies from the modern trade sector. Our system is well organized and functional back-office.

Integration of ERP with E-commerce

The Streamsoft Verto ERP system supports key e-business processes: it automates order processing (reservation, payments, delivery statuses) and their logistic service (handling of warehouse processes on mobile devices). It facilitates multi-channel sales (online store, stationary store, auction platform, dropshipping, consignment) in a single- or multi-company model. The system simplifies entering goods-related data, synchronizes information about prices, promotions, stock levels, contractors, order statuses, returns or complaints, and helps to properly manage stock of the assortment sold in multi-distribution.

It gives full control over the processed orders and provides complete information about the transactions carried out.

Due to the use of Web Services technology, the Streamsoft Verto ERP system enables multilevel integration with the company’s environment. Currently, it has the widest range of ready integrations necessary in this industry.

Ready integrations (e.g. supplier, courier, bank, online store, auction platform) delivered in the system standard guarantee the continuity of business processes carried out in the company, at the same time relieving the front-end system from work.

Sales systems

The system allows integration with e-commerce sales systems (IAI Shop, PrestaShop, Magento), thus enabling their optimization.

Auction platforms

Integrations of the system with popular auction platforms (Allegro, eBay, Amazon) enable direct and comprehensive commercial transactions.

Electronic payments

Due to the integration with electronic payments, the system enables pre-registration of settlement document payment and connecting it with the order.


Online stores are supported by the system in the scope of integration with couriers (including DHL, DPD PL, DPD DE, Siódemka, UPC, InPost, Polish Post Office, Czech Post Office, others).


The system is able to integrate and handle accounts of every bank. It enables full registration of bank statements, online settlements and sub-accounts.


The Streamsoft Verto system reacts quickly to what happens with the delivery. It is able to process orders, notify about delivery or register purchase documents.


Leaders in the e-commerce sales, executing several thousand shipments a day, use the ERP Streamsoft Verto system. Thanks to the system they increased the efficiency of their e-stores by up to 50%.

Key benefits of using the system for e-commerce companies:

  • Having one consistent system for multi-channel sales as a foundation for business service
  • Built-in integrations. The widest range of ready integrations on the market, necessary in e-commerce
  • High scalability. The user can adapt the system to individual needs and to dynamic changes in the business environment
  • Optimization and automation of key processes – resulting in larger number of shipments
  • Built-in WMS (module for managing the High-Bay Warehouse) as a key element for efficient process handling – increasing warehouse capacity by up to 30%
  • Streamlining the process of ordering goods
  • Open to expansion. Opportunity for business development in foreign markets – multi-company, multilingualism
  • Omnichannel support – online store, wholesale platform, PL, DE, FR auction platform, etc.
  • Partnership and consulting in the implementation, development, and system service
  • Fast return on investment